Austro Thai Gourmet Co. Ltd. Consultancy

Hands-on training program on modern baking technologies

  1. Raw materials of the bakery
  2. Improvers and mixes
  3. Dough processing / yield / temperature / fermentation
  4. The direct dough method
  5. The indirect dough method / Rye & Wheat Sourdough
  6. Boiled, hot and soaked grain with Recipe suggestions
  7. The cold dough process / pre-baked goods
  8. Soft baked goods / raw material / preservatives / soft improvers
  9. Baking process / time / temperatures / oven capacities
  10. Keeping conditions / storage / packaging


As a consultant and technical advisor for Bakeries, Hotels and Pastry shops throughout South East Asia, my aim is to provide competent and relevant answers to many questions asked by my clients, starting from choosing the right raw materials, using a suitable processing method and guide them through that steps until we arrive together at the perfect finished product.

As an independent consultant I am able to assist my clients in choosing the right raw materials, improvers and mixes from several European quality Bakery & Pastry ingredients manufacturers available in the region.

You can choose your own program and the products you want to see, I cover a large variety, Artisan Baguettes, morning goods, Rye breads, Multigrain & seed breads, Croissant & Danishes, Brioche to Crackers.

As all my demonstrations and training sessions are hand on at your production, working hand in hand with your production Manager and shift leaders, the sessions are lively and stick in the memory of the participants.

Recipe services are provided, as well as assistance in their costing.

A variety of bread improvers and mixes can be provided but I am ready to work with the products currently used in your production.

Klaus Schneider
Artisan Baker & Pastry Chef / Technical Advisor