Austro Thai Gourmet Co Ltd is family-owned and opened for business in 2016 in the northern City of Nan where the directors opened the Nan Art Café and a training Bakery.

In January 2018 all operations were moved to Bangkok and after months of hard work that showed the devotion to our trade, we managed to supply several international schools in Chonburi and Bangkok.

As from May 2020, we are working together with the Aichermühle located in Bavaria, Germany. The Aicher family has been running their artisan mill since 1589. They supply us with unbleached organic Spelt, Wheat & Rye flour. That is why we are able to offer a unique range of rustic European breads and pastries. You can expect an unmatched taste experience. The flour also has many proven health benefits to give you a daily boost of essential vitamins and minerals.

Our highly skilled & motivated Bakery team headed by the Artisan Baker & Pastry Chef Klaus Schneider an Austrian National with a long career in leading teams in 5-star Hotels & Cruise Ships as well as for Airline Caterings and of course in Artisan Bakeries & Pastry Shops around the world.

As we are baking for children in international schools with a wide range of tastes and food allergies we carefully select healthy ingredients that ensure the high standards demanded by nutritionists and parents in those schools. All our customers can expect the same high standards in our products!

To ensure perfect results every day, we work with traditional recipes, using slow-fermented sourdough-based Artisan techniques and baking on stone plated German ovens in a strictly controlled hygienic environment. Tasty breads need the right ingredients, skilled hands, and patience to develop their full aroma, which you will experience with every bite.